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What is Thermal Runaway?

Thermal runaway is a process in which more energy is released due to the accumulation of energy.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of rechargeable and dischargeable batteries on the market. Especially in the EV industry, as the requirements for cruising range are getting higher and higher, the corresponding battery density and capacity are also gradually increasing. The risk of thermal runaway is greatly increased. This leads to various safety factors, damages the battery and even fires.

This places higher demands on battery thermal management to keep the temperature of the battery cells within a reasonable range. As a thermal solution expert, Trumonytechs has proposed a professional battery pack solution to prevent thermal runaway.

What is Thermal Runaway?-THERMAL MANAGEMENT

What is thermal runaway?

Lithium ion batteries will generate a certain amount of heat during charging and discharging. This heat itself is the auxiliary heat that must be generated during the charging and discharging process of the battery.

Therefore, it must be efficiently treated in some way. At present, the mainstream heat dissipation method is liquid cooling, that is, the method of using batteries and cooling plates. As the energy density of the cells is getting higher and higher, if the forced heat dissipation measures are not adopted, a large amount of heat will be accumulated in each battery cell, making the battery temperature higher and higher, causing a chain reaction of thermal runaway of the lithium battery. Generates more heat in a short time.

In a thermal runaway, the battery ramps up rapidly in a very short period of time. Humans cannot control it at that time, resulting in various irreversible consequences, so excellent thermal management solutions are especially important to prevent thermal runaway. And Trumonytechs has researched and provided corresponding solutions for this kind of problem.

How to prevent and manage thermal runaway?

Common factors that lead to thermal runaway are mainly caused by physical damage to the battery and internal short circuits, such as overcharging in order to increase the battery life, which will trigger a thermal runaway chain reaction and cause irreversible damage. Therefore, prevention and effective management are imminent.

Trumonytechs has done a lot of research on battery thermal runaway and has given professional solutions.

We optimized and upgraded the battery shell of EV battery packs to ensure effective weight reduction and increase EV cruising range. In lighter conditions, the structural strength of the battery case is improved, ensuring that the battery does not suffer physical damage that could lead to thermal runaway issues.

Secondly, the liquid cooling plate is installed for the battery unit, and the heat of the battery unit is effectively dissipated through the liquid cooling system. The liquid cooling plate is generally made of aluminum, which has a more efficient heat conduction effect. It can effectively improve the thermal stability of the battery unit. What’s more, the way is cost-effective.

At the same time, in order to better conduct heat for battery cells and avoid the risk of battery thermal runaway, our team also provides thermal interface materials such as thermal conductive adhesives, thermal conductive gel, thermally conductive pads, and potting glue for thermal management of battery packs. The material can not only improve the thermal conductivity  but also increase the overall mechanical properties of the battery element.

Trumonytechs' thermal management capabilities

As a professional thermal management company in the ESS/EV industry, Trumonytechs continuously researches and optimizes the thermal runaway problem of battery packs, and has professional research and manufacturing capabilities. We have reached strategic cooperation with many new energy companies at home and abroad. Provided very professional assistance in design and designed an integrated solution for thermal management, thus effectively reducing lead time and total cost. It has won unanimous praise from customers. To learn more about Trumonytechs battery pack solutions, visit our battery pack solutions or get in touch online!

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