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Sound Deadening Adhesive For Bonding Metal Plates

Product introduction

Sound deadening adhesive is a structural adhesive with the following advantages of high bonding strength, good temperature and weather resistance, excellent insulation and compression resilience. It consists of A and B two-component adhesive mix curing, suitable for caulking, bonding, sealing and other application scenarios.


Following are the advantages of this bonding adhesive:

  •  Curing in a sealed environment without heating.
  • Ultra-high temperature resistance (withstand cutting temperatures of 600 ~ 800 ℃) In this temperature, our adhesive will not be melted by high temperature or crack the metal plates.
  • Ultra-high bonding strength: more than 3 MPa.
  • High peel strength: more than 1050 N/m.


The sound deadening adhesive is applied to bond between metal plates to form a layer of anti-vibration and sound-absorbing layer between metal plates. It is widely used in automotive engine chassis, production equipment chassis, air conditioning chassis and other application applications that require anti-vibration and silence.

For customized sound deadening adhesive, contact Yonetechs for your own solution.

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