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Thermal Conductive Structural Adhesive

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Trumonytechs structural adhesives & system differentiation

Thermally Conductive Structural Adhesive- Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Conductive Structural Adhesive is an adhesive that can withstand large loads, is resistant to aging, fatigue and corrosion, has stable performance over its expected life, and is suitable for bonding structural parts that are subject to strong forces.

The existing structural adhesives are mainly composed of three systems, namely polyurethane, epoxy and silicone systems. By adding thermal conductive fillers to the matrix, it becomes a thermal conductive structural adhesive with both bonding properties and thermal conductivity, which is suitable for parts that need both bonding and thermal conductivity.

Polyurethane structural adhesive

Polyurethane thermal conductive structural adhesive is made of polyol and isocyanate as the base, mixed with thermal conductive filler, which has the advantages of high bonding strength (aluminum-aluminum 8~10MPa), good weather resistance, good flexibility, and excellent thermal conductivity.

Application scenarios of polyurethane thermal conductive structural adhesive: Bonding between core module and cold plate.

Advantage: It can directly bond the electric cell to the cold plate by means of bonding, eliminating the battery module, saving space and increasing energy density, and at the same time of bonding, it has good thermal conductivity and can meet the role of thermal conductivity and bonding at the same time.

The bonding between the new energy vehicle electric cell and cold plate, generally recommended the use of polyurethane thermal conductivity structural adhesive, the existing products shipped more stable is 1.3W/m*K polyurethane thermal conductivity structural adhesive, the existing products of polyurethane thermal conductivity structural adhesive, the thermal conductivity range is generally 1 ~ 2W/m*K.

Polyurethane Thermal Conductive Structural Adhesive-trumonytechs
Product number Thermal conductivity(W/m*K) Shear strength(MPa) Density(g/cc)
304-0040L 0.4 10 1.35
304-0120 1.2 9 1.9
304-0200 2.0 8 2.0

Epoxy structural adhesive

Epoxy structural adhesive is based on epoxy resin, polyamide, add thermal conductive filler mix, its advantages are very high bonding strength (aluminum aluminum 10 ~ 20MPa), good high temperature resistance (20 ~ 200 ℃), while having excellent thermal conductivity.

Application places: bonding of electronic devices’ shells, bonding of metal parts.

The existing epoxy structural adhesive system, thermal conductivity range 1~3W/m*K.

Product number Thermal Conductivity(W/m*K) Shear strength(MPa) Density(g/cc)
306-0080L 0.8 12 1.7
306-0120 1.0 9 1.9
306-0200 2.0 8 2.6

Silicone Sealant

Silicone sealant with silicone adhesive as the base, add thermal filler mixture, its main advantage is good weather resistance, wide temperature range (-40 ~ 200 ℃), good aging resistance, strong sealing, good resistance to reagents, strong elasticity.


  • Silicone sealant has strong oil resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, good sealing and other properties, and is used in automotive engines, transmissions and other applications.
  • In the photovoltaic industry, it is used to protect photovoltaic modules and cells and seal them.
  • In the electronics industry, it is used to seal the electronic devices.

Our advantages

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