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Liquid Cooling Plates

Trumonytechs has many years of experience in supplying custom liquid cooling panels for electronic equipment, with various certifications, and is based in China. Your electronic equipment cooling problem is our problem, we design and manufacture the best liquid cooling panels for your electronic equipment cooling applications.Common industries include: rail, wind, solar, aerospace, aviation, and data centres.

Trumonytechs Liquid Cooling Plates

Trumonytechs water-cooled panels, also known as liquid-cooled panels, are made from 3030 aluminium alloy and used for battery pack cooling solutions. With liquid cooling mode.This is a cooling method that is superior to air cooling. By transferring heat from the cell to the two-phase coolant, combined with the circulation of the internal channels of the cooling panel, localised cooling of the cell is achieved and optimum charging and discharging performance is achieved.

Our experts are well versed in all Electronic equipment cooling methods and build cooling solutions to suit your exact needs. We will design and deliver turnkey data systems directly to you, wherever you are in the world. 

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Cold plate types

Common types of water cooling plates are: serpentine tubes, stamped liquid cooling plates and microchannel liquid cooling plates.
Micro Channel Cold Plate-Water Cooling Plates(EV&ESS)
Micro Channel Cold Plate
Snake Tube-liquid cooling plates
Snake Tube
stamped liquid cooling plates-liquid cooling plates
Stamped Liquid Cooling Plates
Cold Plate Types Microchannel Cold Plate Snake Tube Stamped Liquid Cooling Plates
Outline Envelope Dimensions 1020mm×800mm×53mm 230mm×90mm×45mm 1700mm×1200mm×35mm
Component Extruded Profiles + Quick Coonectors S-shaped Microchannel Tube+ Quick Connectors Stamping Runners+ Quick Connector
Material 3003 Aluminum Alloy 3003 Aluminum Alloy 3003 Alumiunum Alloy
Connection Method Brazing Brazing Brazing
Heat Flow Density Of Single Cell 7840w/m³ 3025w/m³ 9233w/m³
Temperature Difference Between Inlet And Outlet Liquid 2.5℃ 3.2℃ 3℃
Maximum Battery Cell Temperature 32℃ 36℃ 29℃
Customisation Options When The Heat Exchange Demand Is High, We Also Use Stamping + Fin Design

Note: We offer custom size options that are not limited to the above sizes.

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If you are facing any Electronic equipment cooling problems and would like an industry tailored solution, then please contact us. We are ready to help you with your Electronic equipment cooling problems.

Our thermal design and thermal management engineers have extensive experience in water cooling system development and water cooling plate process manufacturing and will discuss your specific needs with you in the first instance. We offer a full range of liquid cooling solutions, as well as a free thermal and structural design of your liquid/water cooled panels. Selection of the optimal cooling plate thermal structure. Providing the best cooling solution for your Electronic equipment.

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Tamar Friedland

Trumonytechs have great expertise and during the communication process their engineers were able to understand my needs very quickly and provided professional advice on the customisation of the water cooling panels. I am very grateful that he is working on our project!

Darren Lepke

We were looking for a Cooling Plate Battery for our battery with an overall size of 850x610mm and I contacted Trumonytechs and worked with Oversea. She has done a great job in helping us with our project

Anne Fleshman

We wanted to supply a water cooling plate for our VDA355 Battery Modules customer, size of the plate would be 375x151mm and no more than 5mm in thickness and got in touch with Oversea at Trumonytechs. He did an excellent job, was very professional and quickly came up with a design drawing that was tested. I am very happy with our decision.

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Looking for high thermal efficiency liquid cooled panels, Trumonytechs has the best design team available to provide you with innovative water cooled panel design solutions. Contact us online today.

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