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How Do Liquid Cold Plates Work?

What is a liquid cold plate?

Trumonytechs, as a professional manufacturer of liquid cold plates, designs and manufactures a wide range of liquid cold plates. Our liquid cold plates are responsible for transferring heat from high heat dissipation surfaces to the liquid, which in turn effectively dissipates the heat from the electronics through the external heat sink. This reduces the temperature of the electronics and increases their overall effectiveness. Liquid cooling plates offer better thermal performance than air cooling and are a cooling component that provides high performance cooling. This cooling mode is currently used to cool electronics in a wide range of industries.

HOW DO LIQUID COLD PLATES WORK-water cooling plates

How does cold plate cooling work?

Trumonytechs’ cold plates are designed with a complete circuit system and are available in aluminium or copper. They have an inlet, an outlet and a complete circuit system. The heat is removed from the electronics by absorbing it into the liquid and passing it through the circuit system to the heat exchanger. For more demanding heat dissipation components, microchannel plates are available. to reduce thermal resistance and provide more efficient heat dissipation performance. Cold plates are typically installed on electronic components that require cooling to perform heat absorption into the liquid and circulate through the liquid system for heat dissipation. The most commonly used cooling media are water, ethanol, etc. For more details you can read: What is the best cooling fluid?

How Do Liquid Cold Plates Work-water cooling plates

What are the advantages of cold plate cooling?

Cold plate refrigeration achieves excellent cooling by transferring heat into a continuous flow of liquid, in the process continuously dissipating heat from electronic components, making it a more economical and efficient way of cooling compared to air and other cooling modes. It is widely used in automotive manufacturing.

Trumonytechs cold plate designs

Trumonytechs has many years of experience in R&D and production and we offer specific cold plate designs for the battery cooling industry, which currently include plate types such as snake tubes, pressed liquid cooling plates and microchannel plates. In order to increase the thermal conductivity of the cold plates, we have specifically upgraded and optimised the cold plate runners to increase the thermal conductivity by around 30%. Higher thermal conductivity is provided. If there are any additional design requirements, please feel free to enquire online.

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