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Thermal Conductive Gel

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Trumonytechs thermal conductive gel

Thermal Conductive Gel-thermally conductive material

Thermal conductive gel is a Single-component/two-component silicone material in liquid state with high viscosity thermal conductivity, designed to provide heat transfer efficiency between different electronic components, a thermal interface material. It is mainly used to meet the demand of low pressure and high compression modulus of products in the process of use.

As a liquid assembly material, the thermal conductive gel is mainly dedicated to solving the heat transfer of electronic components and enhancing the stability and safety of the equipment in the process of use. Moreover, it has good plasticity and can fully realize the filling of irregular surfaces to meet the different thermal management needs of various applications. It is an extremely stable and reliable thermal interface material, which is often used for various thermal management needs of new energy vehicle battery packs and industries.

Product number Thermal conductivity(W/m*K) Extrusion rate(g/min) Density(g/cc)
302-0350 3.5 20 3.2
302-0600 6.0 18 3.4
302-0900 9.0 10 3.2
302-0200 2.0 x x
302-0400 4.0 x x
302-0600 6.0 x x
302-0800 8.0 x x

Why choose trumonytechs thermal conductive gels?

Trumonytechs thermal conductive gels are designed with low internal stress and better surface adhesion in mind. This ensures that a wide range of requirements from different industries are met, resulting in a thermal management solution that is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

The thermal conductivity of trumonytechs thermal gels is unique in that once our thermal management gels are used for industry thermal management gap filling, the liquid’s inherent properties allow for maximum gap filling, covering different complex environments and increasing overall thermal performance effectiveness. This means that thermal management gels are well suited for high gap thermal management environments.

And thermal management gel is a high viscosity liquid thermal conductive material, so in the process of use, it can maintain its original shape and thus avoid flowing into areas that do not require thermal management, thus avoiding the impact on the surrounding electronic components.

Thermal Conductive Gel-thermally conductive material

Also, as a silicone liquid material, it does not cause problems with oiling and drying, which can cause stress on delicate electronic components. It is an extremely easy to use thermal interface material and is a more flexible thermal management solution, which means that thermal management gels have a wider range of applications.

Thermal conductive gel characteristics

Thermal Interface Materials

Trumonytechs aims to provide professional thermal management support, we provide thermal management gel support for different industry solutions to meet different industry applications. Our thermal management gel features include:

  • Better affinity, allowing for any complex interface filling.
  • Provide minimal pressure on the surface of electronic components to meet the thermal management needs of any precision electronic component.
  • Enables fixed-point dosing control to improve material utilization
  • Flow customization for various industries.
  • More practicality to meet different scenarios of applications

Advantages of thermal conductive gel

Thermal gel can effectively improve the overall thermal management efficiency and meet the huge thermal management needs of the industry. Advantages include:

  • Reliable adhesion
  • Efficient heat transfer performance and insulation
  • Automation and quantizability
  • Low internal stress, eliminating the impact on components
  • Provides excellent resistance to moisture and temperature cycling; resists pump-out and cracking
  • In-processability for easy rework utilization at a later stage

Created specifically for automotive applications

Trumonytechs thermal management gel is designed and created mainly for various extreme environments, and the thermal management of new energy vehicle battery packs is one of the most difficult problems to solve, and the thermal management gel provides an easy and fast thermal management solution that can effectively solve the problem of filling the thermal interface gap and provide highly reliable vertical gap stability for battery packs, and can high volume production to meet the industry’s high volume thermal management needs.