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Potting Glue

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Product number Thermal conductivity(W/m*K) Mixed viscosity(cps) Density(g/cc)
303-0040 0.4 1500~2500 0.4
303-0080 0.8 2500~3500 1.7
303-0100 1.0 3000~4000 1.8
303-0200 2.0 8000~10000 2.8

Trumonytechs Potting Glue

Potting Glue are very low viscosity gels that conduct heat, bond and seal. Liquid before curing, they flow well and can adequately fill small gaps.

It is a cutting-edge electronic assembly compound that can provide effective protection for electronic components in various types of complex environments.

And Trumonytechs, as a leading thermal conductive material solution provider in China, offers a wide range of electronic potting compounds with various material properties to meet different application needs. We provide permanent solutions for your electronic thermal conductivity and fully achieve the effect of protecting electronic units.

Currently the most important applications are in new energy battery pack solutions, but also in aviation, medical and other electronic industries.

POTTING GLUE-Thermal Interface Materials

Because of its good fluidity, potting adhesive can effectively fill all spaces of electronic components and protect them in blocks. It provides excellent protection performance. In addition to this, it has many benefits:

  • Improved mechanical strength
  • Insulation
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Excellent thixotropy
  • Excellent interfacial filling ability
  • Does not dry out

Potting adhesive type distinction

Depending on your specific application and needs, Trumonytechs offers a wide range of potting adhesives in a variety of materials. To meet the needs of different industries and environments. These include. Epoxy, Silicone, Polyurethane, UV, and Hot Melt.

POTTING GLUE-Thermal Interface Materials
  • Silicone potting glue-Made of silicone resin as the base material, add heat-conductive filler or special filler, mixed and made, generally divided into one-component and two-component, one-component operation is convenient, but need high temperature curing, two-component general room temperature can be cured.Silicone potting adhesives are generally used in components with high thermal conductivity, weather resistance, good temperature resistance, chemical resistance and high voltage resistance requirements; as the silicone potting adhesives will produce some small molecules of silane coupling agent volatiles after curing, they should be avoided in some applications with high volatiles requirements, such as cameras and precision optical instruments.
  • Epoxy potting adhesive-Made of epoxy resin as the base material, adding thermal conductivity filler or related filler with customer demand performance, mixed and made, generally divided into two kinds of one-component and two-component.Due to the nature of the epoxy resin base, epoxy potting adhesive is generally suitable for the need for strong bonding, and has strong requirements for the strength of the gel, the use of temperature between 10 ~ 200 ℃, not suitable for use in low temperature.
  • Polyurethane potting adhesive-Polyurethane potting adhesive is mainly a two-component form, which mainly consists of polyol and isocyanate as a colloid matrix, mainly used for the strength of the colloid, flexibility, non-volatile and other application scenarios, polyurethane potting adhesive in low temperature conditions can also maintain good flexibility, but the use of environmental temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.
  • UV light curing potting adhesive-The main form of curing is through ultraviolet light curing, can play a short time (3 ~ 5min) can be completely cured
  • Hot melt type potting glue-Hot melt type potting glue, is heated to make the solid glue into a liquid state, so as to be able to achieve the purpose of potting.

Considerations for choosing potting adhesives

We meet many customers do not know how to choose the correct potting adhesive, for this problem, we have made a special summary to help you determine the appropriate type of potting adhesive.

  • The use environment of potting adhesive: such as the use temperature, limit temperature range, acidity and alkalinity, whether there is a requirement of voltage resistance; according to the specific use environment, combined with the characteristics of different colloids, to choose the right colloid.
  • Operation time of potting adhesive: according to the customer’s production beat, and product characteristics, choose the appropriate operation time of the adhesive, for this problem, epoxy potting adhesive, polyurethane potting adhesive, silicone potting adhesive curing time can be adjusted according to the actual operating requirements of customers.
  • Viscosity of potting adhesive: according to the gap size of the product to be potted, or thermal conductivity requirements, the specific needs of the product need to choose the viscosity of the potting adhesive, if the gap is too small, it is necessary to choose a low viscosity, good fluidity of the adhesive.
  • Whether the potting adhesive needs to be surface parts: If the potting part needs to be used as the surface of the product, it is necessary to choose the product with mirror surface.
  • When using two-component potting adhesive, it is necessary to stir the colloid well and then evacuate it before potting, otherwise there will be bubbles generated during the stirring process, which will affect the thermal conductivity.

Why choose Trumonytechs?

Trumonytechs mainly makes two-component silicone potting adhesives, and we can customize the most suitable products for our customers according to their actual needs, including adjusting parameters such as color, viscosity, thermal conductivity, oil resistance or not, and voltage resistance. This potting adhesive helps to enhance the solution of various problems in the assembly process of electronic products. It provides more professional protection in complex assemblies and reduces the risk of various problems encountered in the use of electronics components. Welcome to contact our professional engineers, we will provide you with professional thermal management solutions.