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Microchannel Cold Plate Overview

Introduction of Microchannel Cold Plate

A liquid-cooled cold plate is a single fluid heat exchanger, generally used as a base for electronic equipment, which takes away the heat from electronic equipment or related components on the liquid-cooled by forcing convection in the channel through water or other refrigerant carriers.

However, today’s cold plate designs face several problems, such as large space, relatively poor heat dissipation, and relatively high failure rates.

There is now a design that can substantially circumvent the relevant design flaws, and this is the Microchannel Cold Plate.

The design of the micro-channel cold plate is based on the principle of the microscale effect of flow and the boundary layer effect, thus increasing the convective heat transfer coefficient between the cooling medium and the plate, greatly increasing the heat transfer area per unit volume of the plate, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the cooling capacity of the plate.

Compared to conventional products, the micro channel liquid cooling plate has the advantages of high convective heat transfer coefficient, high ultimate heat dissipation density, low thermal resistance and compact structure, which has great potential in the field of high heat flow density and high heat consumption components.

Microchannel Cold Plate-water cooling plates
micro channel cold plate-water cooling plates

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micro channel cold plate types

Trumonytechs currently produces wide flat tube products and customised microchannel plates with special special specifications, which have been widely used in new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, energy storage batteries, etc.

The dimensional accuracy can reach between ±0.03-0.05mm and has passed several test experiments. We have a complete production system that allows us to design, mould, manufacture and deliver microchannel tubes within 7 days.

Microchannel Cold Plate Overview
Microchannel Cold Plate Overview

Trumonytechs cold plate design and mass production process

We customise the micro channel cold plate according to your needs. After you have signed a development agreement with us, we arrange for a project manager and project team to work with you.

From sample development, prototyping, validation, verification, development of process documentation, input into psw to final mass production, we provide professional guidance and the most reasonable solution to your actual needs.

Why choose Tronytechs microchannel COLD plates

Our company is a specialist in thermal management, not only in the design and development of liquid cooling, but also as a supplier of liquid cooling materials, components, and assemblies, and is qualified by ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

The mold technology developed in conjunction with internationally renowned companies can significantly increase mold life and reduce production costs by 10-15% for different types of tubes while maintaining product quality.

To increase the product life, we have also improved the brazing process in particular, which makes the product advantages further enhanced.

What we can offer you about microchannel liquid cooling plates:

  • Low cost and fast prototyping
  • Advanced process, from design to delivery, we strictly follow the standards
  • Many microchannel product cases, experienced
  • Advanced testing methods, our main testing equipment includes helium testing equipment, high and low-temperature chambers, three coordinate machines, etc.