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Battery Pack Thermal Management

Trumonytechs EV/ESS Battery Pack Thermal Management

Trumonytechs is a professional thermal management solutions company in China, we provide thermal solutions for PRISMATIC and cylindrical battery packs.

In EV/ESS Battery Pack Thermal Management, Thermal Management System (TMS) plays a vital role in keeping the battery pack at a stable temperature range. Improves engine life and range. The thermal management solution operates effectively when the EV/ESS is running or during charging, preventing thermal runaway.

It also helps to improve the overall performance of the battery pack. Whether you want to improve the crash stability, thermal management performance, weight or safety of your battery pack, we can provide expert assistance. We have a full technical services team to help you with everything from concept design to performance testing.

Trumonytechs EV Battery Pack Thermal Management-EV BATTERY PACK THERMAL MANAGEMENT

Cylindrical battery shell

The cylindrical battery pack solution includes thermal interface materials, water-cooled plates, and a simulation service system. Using cutting-edge production equipment, we provide battery cases in 21700, 18650, 34200, and 4680 sizes, and can reduce processing accuracy from 0.6mm to 0.2mm and reduce weight by about 75%. It greatly improves the range of trams and increases the battery life.

These battery cases are suitable for increased capacity storage environments and can be assembled in a single pass using our special adhesive, greatly increasing the speed of modular production.

Due to the excellent processing performance as well as assembly efficiency, it is the most widely used battery type at present.


The Prismatic battery case solution is designed to be manufactured using the latest generation of high frequency tube making machines to form a one-piece shell. The capacity is increased while ensuring the heat dissipation capability and the structural strength is greatly improved.

Battery water-cooled panels are offered from the outset as a development and design service, and can be customized with two or more layers of water-cooled panels as well as a total solution for cooling panels and cases.

What’s more, the production is under strict quality control throughout the process from stamping to 100% vacuum testing.

It is a more suitable cell type for product implantation with stronger heat dissipation capability.

PRISMATIC Battery Pack-Thermal management specialists - EV BATTERY PACK THERMAL MANAGEMENT

Battery cooling plate

BATTERY COOLING PLATE is part of battery thermal management and is mainly used for battery cooling. It is generally made of lightweight aluminium and provides good thermal conductivity while reducing the EV type and improving the stability of the battery as well as its thermal conductivity. The cooling method is mainly through liquid cooling to carry out the cooling effect of the battery pack. We design and produce both snake water cooling tubes and flat water cooling plates for prismatic/cylindrical packs.Water cooling tube and water cooling plate can be used as side cooling and bottom cooling, It has better heat exchange rate than air cooling. Trumonytechs has its own prototype proto centre and our machining centre so that we can provide faster cooling. delivery times.With strong control of quality and TS16949 certificate, we are supplying many OE and pack manufacturer.

Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) are used to improve the transfer of thermal efficiency between electronic components and are often placed between heat generating and heat dissipating components. We offer both solid and liquid TIMs to create an effective thermal interface environment and improve the overall thermal conductivity, providing a good thermal environment for EV/ESS battery packs and ensuring stable operation and reliability of the battery pack.

THERMAL INTERFACE MATERIALS-Thermally managed bonding materials


Trumonytechs also offers professional simulation services to ensure the stable operation of our thermal management systems. We provide detailed thermal behaviour and transient analysis for you to run experimental designs or solve complex thermal management problems. Our simulation services can help you to make clear A/B model comparisons and provide you with the best possible thermal management system design. Of course, our team also supports complete thermal management solutions from design and testing through to implementation.

Solution Optimization and Improvement Services

Solution Optimization and Improvement Services-Trumonytechs

Can you realize the proposed design concepts?

Yes. Trumonytechs is able to provide drafting service: 2D drawings and 3D digital models can be output.

Can you turn the 3D model to the physical products?

Yes. Trumonytechs is capable to access the production feasibility of the of the models. In the early stage of design, our engineers will evaluate the structure of the model and optimize the easily damaged parts in the production.

Can you carry out performance test on product?

Yes. Trumonytechs is able to simulate product model working in the environment required by the customer and obtain the key performance parameters through finite element solution.
Then trial costs could be reduced by improving product design efficiency.