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Battery Modules

Trumonytechs Battery Modules

Trumonytechs has a complete battery pack system supply capability, from cell production, module design, pack design and integration to customisation. Mature products include 32 series, 38 series, 46 series cylindrical cells (e.g. 32700-6.0Ah and 38121-15.0Ah), 320 degree high capacity battery packs, 48V 20/30ah small capacity battery packs, etc. 7+ fully automated cylindrical cell production lines, advanced material development, perfect process design, active safety monitoring and daily production capacity of up to 420,000 units per day. We also cooperate with universities and new energy research institutes to provide integrated and customized technical solutions from PACK design, BMS research and development to chassis design.

Battery Modules-trumonytechs
Battery Modules-trumonytechs

What is a battery module?

A battery module is a combination of battery cells, usually consisting of battery cells and temperature/voltage control components. A common combination is a module of 12 cells, which are connected in series and parallel. Depending on the application, the battery cells can be square or cylindrical in shape and are encapsulated in a mechanical structure to form a battery module. The battery cell generally consists of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte and a diaphragm. The electrolyte can be alkaline, nickel metal hydride (NIMH) or lithium ion. Trumonytechs’ technical team can be contacted for any customisation requirements.

Trumonytechs battery cell features

Trumonytechs’ regular battery cell range can be divided into 32, 38 and 46 series of cylindrical cells. The cylindrical cells from Trumonytechs are more cost effective, easy to adapt to various shapes and structures, have a high current throughput, high charge/discharge multiplier (up to 8000 cycles, SOC of 80%), easy to manage and high safety. In practice, there are more ways to manage the battery thermally, with natural cooling, liquid cooling and air cooling all available.

Round battery cells -trumonytechs
Battery module applications-trumonytechs

Industry applications

Battery Modules can be used in dumper trucks, commercial vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc. In the field of energy storage, the focus is more on user-side energy storage, and the pull-out battery module structure is more convenient for user replacement and maintenance; in addition, battery packs can be used in ships, high-end lead-acid replacement, agricultural machinery and other diverse scenarios, providing customers with a complete battery solution.

Quality testing

Circular Curve of 15.0 Ah-LiFePO4 Cell-trumonytechs
Circular Curve of 15.0 Ah-LiFePO4 Cell
Circular curve of 6.0 Ah-LiFePO4 cell-trumonytechs
Circular curve of 6.0 Ah-LiFePO4 cell